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No Gas


For Dressing / Sprey * No Gas

sprey olive oil salad-dressing.jpg

Suggested Uses
Salad dressings; sauces,cooking, dipping, drizzling, grilling, 


Smoke Point
356°F-392°F / 200° C


Available in tin/can spray

6,8 fl.oz.

200 ml

 For Dressing                

                        Spray Olive Oil

  • Cooking with Olive Oil just became easier ! With our Spray Olive Oil you can easily coat your pans, pots and cooking trays with olive oil in mere seconds. Salads can be dressed just with a squeeze of our Spray Olive Oil. Our products do not use any aerosols such as LPG/DME for pressurizing. Only compressed air is used in our spray cans. 



sauce dressing.jpg

Sause and Dressing

Country of origin:   Türkiye

  • Consuming our Olive Oil is highly recommended for its health benefits.

  • Its balanced composition of fatty acids, polyphenols and vitamin E help prevent cardiovascular disease, and help in treating cholesterol, Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. In addition, it reduces the levels of glucose in diabetics and contains anti-inflammatory properties, among others.


  • Monounsaturated fats in olive oil may reduce heart disease.

As GÜLOR we use Bag-on-Valve technology in our spray products. The product is filled inside the welded bag while the compressed air is filled within the space between bag and can. The compressed air squeezes the bag, dispenses the contents out of the can, thus the product keeps its integrity, and remains separated from the propellant at all times. Using BOV technology ensures our products to stay eco-friendly and sterile.

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