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ideal for Everyday cooking

Acidity: < 0,8%


Suggested Uses
Salad dressings; sauces and gravies; drizzling over pasta; marinating or sautéing fish & vegetables,

baking, roasting, dipping, frying


Smoke Point
356°F-392°F / 200° C

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Available in marasca glass bottles

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 For Dressing and Marinating 

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil is ideal for consuming raw on a daily basis, sprinkling it on cold and hot dishes.


  • It is an ideal substitute for any condiment, since its intense flavor gives a special touch to salads, as well as baked, grilled, roasted and steamed dishes.




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Sause and Dressing

8,5 fl.oz.

250 ml

17 fl.oz.

500 ml

25,4 fl.oz.

750 ml

34 fl.oz.

1000 ml

Country of origin:   Türkiye

  • Consuming our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is highly recommended for its health benefits.

  • Its balanced composition of fatty acids, polyphenols and vitamin E help prevent cardiovascular disease, and help in treating cholesterol, Alzheimer’s and breast cancer. In addition, it reduces the levels of glucose in diabetics and contains anti-inflammatory properties, among others.


  • Monounsaturated fats in olive oil may reduce heart disease.

Preserved in nitrogen until it reaches your table, this oil maintains all of its properties until its best-before date.

GÜLOR Extra Virgin Olive Oil” is our standard olive oil. Our Turkish olives are hand picked olive gardens situated on the Aegean Coast and processed with extra care. Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is pressed in ideal temperatures to produce a golden green oil that can retain its olive flavor. Very specific standards have to be met for an olive oil to receive the label Extra Virgin. These include the acidity level which has to be lower than 0,8 %. This type of oil is best used in salad dressings, seasonings and raw consumption but can be also used as a cooking oil.

Harvest Time: All season (September – December)

Types of Olives: Trilye, Domat, Uslu

Region: Aegean Coast of Turkey

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